data sovereignty

New EU Law May Help Colocation Companies Sort through Data Sovereignty Regulations

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EcoXpert helps SNFCC

An Unlikely Partnership Leads to Greece’s Very First LEED Platinum Building Certification

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Powering the Digital Economy

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Light and Room Control Automation in IoT-enabled Homes and Buildings

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Circularity: A New Way of Thinking, A New Business Model 

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All Electric World Decarbonization

The transition to an all-electric world: so much more than decarbonization

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CEO Chris Curtis Interview: Xperience Efficiency Event is Likely to Surprise

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How I Became CMO of a Multinational Energy Company

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15 Energy Data Management Resolutions for 2015

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Research Reveals That Companies with More Women In Leadership Roles Perform Better

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We Have the Technology to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

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under floor air distribution

Under Floor Air Distribution Brings Faster Building Construction, Reduced Energy, More Flexibility

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