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A new way to think about data center design: Optimizing your data center like a box of Legos

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Forming a Strategy to Deal with Big Data from the Internet of Things

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Schneider Electric and Microsoft: Water Efficiency, Industrial Safety, Energy Access, and More

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Examining the At Scale Data Center Trend with RagingWire Data Centers

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IT Key Enabler for Smart Cities at Schneider Electric “Power to the Cloud” Dubai Event

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Bringing Big Data and IoT to Data Centers with EcoStruxure™ IT

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Pokémon GO

Stellar Growth of Pokémon GO Highlights Need for Edge Data Centers

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micro data centers

Micro Data Centers: From Edge to Enterprise Computing

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Microsoft Launches CityNext – and Schneider Electric is On Board

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Schneider Electric Mini-Pod Data Center Provisions Logicalis Hybrid Cloud at Loughborough University

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Protecting the Edge is Crucial in a Cloud Environment

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The End of IT?

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