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Colocation Providers Worldwide Growth

Expert Paints Picture of Steady Worldwide Growth for Colocation Providers

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New Colocation Report, Best Insights and Stories from 2017

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woman holding cell phone

Making “green” with Bitcoin apparently not so green

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DCOI (Data Center Optimization Initiative)

Modernizing Government Technology Act (MGT) Will Help Fund DCOI

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cell tower edge

Why Cell Towers are the Next Frontier for Edge Computing

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snowman edge computing

Decoding the data center of the future with help from A Christmas Story

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Data Center

Why a Crisis in a Data Center Can be Considered a Gift

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Data Center

How much power? What density? The IT Pod Sizing Calculator can help answer these data center questions.

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lithium ion data center

Should you convert your 3 Phase UPS to Lithium Ion (Li-ion) Batteries?

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data center Hybrid IT

Schneider Electric and 451 Research Deliver Direct Insights into Hybrid IT Management from Enterprise Leaders

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data center

How data center pod frames can reduce IT room costs by 15%

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The definition of edge computing

Edge Computing Isn’t New, and It’s Not What You Think

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Your Planet Needs You! Help Cut Waste Caused By Over-Sizing Data Centers

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Money talks. Are you listening?

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Ecostruxure for Data Center - Colocation

Insights from Colocation Buyers Delivered in New 451 Research Report

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Two Shades of Grey – in the Data Center

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How to Avoid Common Mistakes in Data Center Planning and Design

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The Side Benefits of DCIM; How Energy Management Averted a Data Center Cooling Crisis

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Schneider Electric Mini-Pod Data Center Provisions Logicalis Hybrid Cloud at Loughborough University

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How can Prefabrication advance Data Center design and build in the Middle East?

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micro data centers

Micro Data Centers: From Edge to Enterprise Computing

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Prefabricated vs. Traditional Data Center Cost Calculator – A tool to illustrate the cost differences

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Italian Wine, Schneider Electric and the Internet of Things …

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Ready for the DCIM Cloud?

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